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Aquarius Energy 2012 (English)


The new Aquarian Energy 2012

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves. We are Corrie Lugtenberg and Cor Roest both born in 1954. We live in Rheden, near the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands (south-east).  From around 1985,  both of us became active with our own spiritual development. The 2012 energy from the Aquarian Age plays a major role within this spiritual development. The Aquarian Age offers infinite spiritual opportunities for humanity.

Within this Aquarian Age, everyone has (more than ever) the possibility of rapid growth and development. Since we have met each other in 2007, this development accelerated for us. Both our frequencies, developments and energies really fit together as a perfect spiritual puzzle! Precisely this fact appeared to be the driving force for a very rapid further spiritual development for both of us together. We have experienced this development in relationship to 2012 first handed.

Magnificent appearances

In the summer of 2007 we experienced some unusual and very wonderful appearances. Afterwards we really realize what had happened.

It was early in the evening and we sat together quietly and relax in the backyard. We were looking over the pastures to the horizon. Suddenly we saw a huge number of colorful light bulbs from approximately 70 centimeters and larger appearing at the horizon in front of us. The bulbs had beautiful bright colors, colors that are usually only seen by clairvoyants. It started with pink. More and more bulbs appeared and they came in our direction. From this moment we also saw blue, green, yellow, red, purple and violet light bulbs appearing.

Everywhere we looked, were many thousands of light bulbs. Even right in front of us. We saw them disappearing in the lawn. It was incredible and breathtaking. The bulbs kept coming. Everywhere we looked, we saw only these bulbs: it must have been many tens of thousands of them! The appearances of these light bulbs lasted about twenty minutes and then they disappeared again. In the past we often have seen “light bulbs”, like orbs and entities. Sometimes even hundred of them. But these, these light bulbs were looking incredibly magnificent and were from a total different and unique order. Especially the feeling that we had was totally different. Tens of thousands of bulbs: this had to be something different, something new, something unique.

We investigated what this appearance meant and we discovered that apparently intelligences with a enormously high consciousness wanted to manifest us with use of these light bulbs. They indicated that they came from the Age of Lemuria; this is the age before Atlantis. Lemuria was a continent on earth, but many times bigger than Atlantis. By the action of volcanoes and earthquakes Lemuria eventually sunk under the sea. In fact Lemuria was the very first continent on the earth where humans lived. Before Lemuria the earth was not habitable: there was only water. The civilization of Atlantis is known as very high, but the civilization of Lemuria was even much higher and at Lemuria there only consisted positivity, love, compassion and consciousness of an extremely high level.


In total 7 appearances


The next time in the evening the sun was shining again. Some small colored light bulbs came through the window into the house. We went outside and many more light bulbs appeared, again in the same beautiful colors and in large numbers. This time there were also small light bulbs, these small light bulbs approached us until our clothing. On the one hand this was amazing, on the other hand little scary too because we did not know what to expect. The phenomenon was overpoweringly beautiful and very impressively connected with a strong serenity of just the now, at this moment. After this time, it was indicated that the light bulbs would appear in total 7 times. If we wanted to stop, this was the moment because if we would decide to continue, there was no turning back. It felt good for us and we decided to continue. A next evening the beautifully colored bulbs appeared again in very large numbers in front of us. The entire air was completely filled with these bulbs! With this third time we saw the different colored bulbs and they came closer to us. The bulbs came through our feet through our legs and went on through our entire body. It took about half a hour. We were connected to this energy. The frequency of this energy consists of color and the energy and is healing much stronger than all energies before. It gave us a feeling of unprecedented happiness and peace, a feeling of total rest. In this period the feeling stayed constantly on a very strong level. Although we had our feet both firmly on the earth, we felt that we were walking on clouds. The following weeks the bulbs appeared four more times and the bulbs urged with their beautiful colors through each of our entire auras. Every time there came a message to us from intelligences. With the seventh time eventually many gold bulbs approached us too. This was particularly impressive. Gold as the total of all colors. The total perfection from the Divine Love World.


Love Energy Lemuria

The energy that the intelligences brought is a Love-Energy from an unknown level. Energy which will manifest all around the world within the Aquarian Age, it already started. The intelligences indicated that now in this Aquarian Age the time is ripe to bring this high consciousness and Love-Energy back to earth. It was no coincidence that these intelligences had appeared. Apparently they had chosen us. We felt special receiving this transformation and this high consciousness – the 2012 energy - !! This has deeply stirred us. In the course of time was shown that the bulbs only appeared when we were together. When we separated, and looking in the sun, there was no light bulb to see. However… at moments we were together again, the light bulbs appeared again.

The biggest transformation

After these sessions we examined whether the intention was to do something with these experiences. Then the message appeared that we received this very high consciousness through these intelligences. This as a preparation for the Aquarian Age in 2012. These bulbs appeared in total seven times. It turned out that these intelligences / light bulbs transformed our aura’s from Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The light bulbs – the intelligences from Lemuria – gave us with this transformation the new energy which is connected with a high level of consciousness. Because we were transformed, we were allowed to give this Aquarian energy, also known as Shafierha energy (Sha = ‘divine breath’, fierha = ‘ Love, pure’) of a very high level of vibration, to other people. In this way we are able to transform others. This would involve two types of receivers: the ones who are already spiritually developed would receive the same consciousness as we, the others would respond primarily on physical level. The transformation can be accomplished by transforming / widen the 7 chakra’s to Aquarian level. Receiving this Aquarian 2012-Energy consists of 7 treatments in which energy will be given to all 7 chakras. Seven minutes per chakra is sufficient. For the best effect it is important that the treatment is finished within 49 days, otherwise the energy will stagnate. These numbers are not accidental emerged. The number 7 stands for humanity on earth and energy, the number 49 is the end of a previous period and the beginning of a new period. After the seventh treatment one is completely transformed. The Piscean Age was an age of about 2000 years. The Aquarian Age will take approximately 2000 years too. The Aquarian energy from the cosmos itself was already emerging from the 80’s on earth. Only since 2007 did the Aquarian energy start to flow from the cosmos in its full scope to the earth. The results in the following case: The Aquarian Energy flows from the cosmos to the earth. Humans however, have an aura from a Piscean Age-frequency. This means that everyone born before 2000 has a Piscean-Aura.

Does the aura change?

As already mentioned before, humans still have an aura from the Piscean Age. This aura is not changing automatically, actually it remains the same during the Aquarian Age. How can this be? Everyone still receives this Aquarian energy, isn’t it? It is true that everyone receives this Aquarian Energy. But the auras are not being transformed! The transformation of the auras is something totally different from than the flow of Aquarian-energy to anybody. The wide Aquarian Energy continues to flow through the narrow Piscean aura. The aura is not transforming automatically. The only way to transform the aura is from human to human. This seems strange but actually is very logical. The Aquarian-energy is inextricably linked with a higher level of consciousness. In particular this means that if everyone would be transformed, they themselves are strongly obligated to spiritually develop themselves. Besides the spiritual development, another change comes along with the transformation, which is releasing superfluous ballast that one is carrying.

Choice: Transforming or not

If all people would simply be transformed automatically, people would not have a choice. A person who does not want know any of this, and does not want to develop themselves, would still have to undergo this process. This would go against every cosmic, spiritual or natural law in. Therefore this is not possible and is everyone free to choose for themselves: do I want to develop myself? Or do I want to continue life as I am living now? Especially the Aquarian Age is an age with many spiritual capabilities: more than ever. Precisely now is the time to release from all the suffering from the Piscean Age, come to your pure self. This allows man to completely be their selves without any blocking ballast. Becoming totally clean and yourself. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Blocking, releasing and growing

There are big differences between the two mentioned auras. The Piscean-aura is much narrower than the transformed Aquarian-aura. This means in practice that the Aquarian Energy cannot flow in full width through the Piscean-aura. One feels this in the form that nothing really wants to succeed: you always feel like running up against a wall, in all kind of areas. For example at work, personal development, relations, you identify more and more problems, and encounter the same problems over and over again, it is not flowing anymore. We often compare it with a flowing river. Suddenly in the river there is a dam: at front of the dam there is the end of the Piscean Age and on the other side of the dam there is the Aquarian Age. At the end of the Piscean Age the water is not flowing anymore, because of the dam. However… by means of transformation, it is possible to move from one side of the dam, where the water is not flowing anymore, to the other side of the dam. On that side it flows again, and it flows even faster! On the one hand it is a magnificent fact that we are able to move from the one age to the other age, on the other hand it is actually a heavy period, especially for people that have the feeling that they should do something, but who are not doing anything. They continue to block and it is getting stronger and it may be even more difficult for them. It is at the same time something very unique: when do humans live in between to time ages? Making such a big step, from one age to the other age, was not possible over the past 2000 years! The Piscean Age was an age of suffering: it actually started with Jesus Christ. Before anyone want to develop, one first had to undergo pain and suffering. A famous Piscean saying is: “No pain, no growth”. The pain and suffering are, happy enough, no longer needed in the Aquarian Age.

The Aquarian Age is an age of releasing, releasing in a much easier way than previously. Why is it much easier now than before? Just from the moment that you are transformed from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, you are actually not longer part of the Piscean Age anymore: you are released from the Piscean Age. You are literally ended up in the new age. This has not only happened because you are transformed, but this is also because the new higher consciousness of the Aquarian Age can flow in its full width through your aura. It is somehow comparable with the elementary school and high school. You are of primary school and after the transformation you are in high school. In terms of possibilities development it is also comparable to the change of schools. In high school you have great opportunities to grow and develop. The aura transformation from Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age will come along with also a huge amount of new possibilities.


Children who are born, are already adjusted to the Aquarian energy and they do have an Aquarian aura. Logical, because they are born in the Aquarian Age. Often this results in some problems with others who still have a Piscean-aura. Due to the different auras it is difficult understanding each other, both are operating on a total different frequency. Experience has shown that once adults are transformed, the child and adult suddenly understood each other a lot better.

What does the treatment do? To your ‘pure self’

Our experience is that during the treatment many old complaints can be temporarily felt again. The reason for this is that the energy goes through every blockade. Old blockades are not removed automatically, they have received “a place”. These blockades will be removed from “that place” because an other than Piscean energy flows through it. As long as the aura of the Piscean Age remains, there is still Piscean Age energy. Because this energy remains the same, nothing happens. When the transformation to the Aquarian Age has occurred, the old Piscean energy flows away, because the Aquarian energy drives the Piscean energy from the aura.

A comparison: if you add more smoke to a room that is already full of smoke, nothing will change. The smoke may become thicker, but nothing happens. But when you let fresh air blow through it, the smoke will disappear. This is comparable to the flow of energy: same energy does not change the energy. But another type of energy makes it happen that the old energy can change or disappear. At the same time this is happening with the Aquarian energy. The energy is associated with high consciousness and works on the Aquarian aura: the reason of the blockade can be penetrated to the consciousness. It is a collaboration of the Energy and the higher level of consciousness that comes along which makes it possible to remove many blockades from the Piscean Age. Once the blockades are not cleared from the body, then eventually they will still manifest in one or another form. After the transformation most blockades disappear automatically. A number of blockades, often from past lives, do not disappear by itself. This is because these blockades have often been an important topic in all kind of lives. Fortunately this can be removed in a very easy and simple way. We apply this to the very latest techniques, adapted to the opportunities that exist in the Aquarian Age.

At the same time it appears that people are temporarily very relaxed – tired. This is due to two factors: first, your chakras and aura are now adapted to the new Aquarian energy. From now onwards this energy can flow fully through your aura and does this. You have to get used to this energy, which is much stronger than the energy of the past and it flows to all parts of your ‘being’. Secondly: because you experience a strong feeling of peace: a strong relaxation, that gives the body the opportunity to rest. Most people often do not have the physical and mental rest and always kept going. By raising awareness, this consciousness penetrates to the whole body. Once you are listening to the signals of your body, do take some more rest, than you will see that all the tiredness disappears smoothly. A common expression is that people should change. With the Shafierha Energy the opposite is the case: you do not have to change. Once you are transformed, you will become clean, without any ballast, totally yourself. That’s good.

Misinterpretation concerning energies. The biggest step…

There is an interesting phenomenon happening, people who are not transformed into Aquarian level, cannot recognize the Aquarian energy. We have experiences that therapists who are (yet still) working with Piscean Age energy thought that the chakra’s of transformed individuals were closed. In principle it is correct, the individuals are closed…. for the Piscean Age energy. Apparently it is the case that people cannot recognize the Aquarian energy once they do not have an Aquarian-aura and so they do not know the Aquarian energy on aura level. Nevertheless treatments from workers with a Piscean aura does not harm anything and does not result in problems. The Shafierha Energy is not comparable with any type of Piscean Age energy, because it is from a much higher dimension.

Logical, because the transformation brings you from the one age to another age, and in terms of energy this is the biggest step that you can ever make. Such a big step could not have been taken before because you always remained in the same age.

Examples after transformations

Some examples from the result of the 2012 energy.

A 50 year old man had a surgery for a bone fracture when he was two years old. He has never felt anything but during the therapy he feels this place spontaneously very clearly for a few days. After these few days the energy went through this blockade and this blockade was removed. A woman always had problems with her shoulder, after the treatment she knew that the cause of this was from her childhood.

Another woman gets some strange spots on her skin for a few days. It appears that as a child she was burned at those spots. This was physically healed, but now she became fully conscious about this. This allowed her to release the connected trauma’s and anxieties from this former injury. It is remarkable that after the transformation, all sorts of things that previously refused to progress, suddenly progress very positive and rapidly. We often hear that other people feel that something has happened to the transformed individual, things are changed in a positive way, consciously or unconsciously they do react positive on it.

The in general heard experiences of receiving the 2012 Energy include:
“I’m not worrying about everything anymore. I feel much calmer, I have a very strong peace in me. In my mind I am very quiet. I am much more aware of who I am and how I live and I live more – and especially – in the now. I’m much more balanced. After the treatment I have lost many fears. I have no more pain”. But also in other areas: such as work and relationships and other matters that people were struggling with before, ‘suddenly’ succeed. You understand it: this all appears to be suddenly, but if this happens to all the transformed individuals suddenly, than this is not a coincidence.

Help ‘the earth’ to improve

For the people who received this energy it is possible to give the energy to other people in the same way with the same effects. Your aura is modified and you are only receiving Aquarian energy from the cosmos, so the only energy that you can pass, is the energy that flows through your aura, namely the Aquarian energy. Anyone who is transformed, receives the same Aquarian energy as all the other transformed individuals and they form through the connection of the Aquarian energy unity with others. In the Aquarian Age is everyone the same. Given the above it is logical that the Aquarian energy is not only the energy of higher consciousness and love, but also de energy of Unity, Equality and Connection.

If you have received the energy, than you know what it means for you, what is has done with you and still does with you. In this Aquarian Age is for the ones that have received the energy, the possibility to pass it through. But if you want to do this, then it is important to know how to do this. It is also important that you can guide the persons that you transform, which is very important. For this you can follow a training with us. Then you can help other people. Spiritual laws also says that when you help others, you especially help yourself too! Behind the transformation of the aura there is a divine plan, and this plan means that the intention of this energy is to spread over the earth like an oil slick. As a result you can help to realize this great plan: the humans – and with that change living on the earth in a positive way. Brining back on earth the wonderful and magnificent energy, known from the time of Lemuria.


You can see this as a big celebration, a big party. When you are transformed, you are participating in the great party. You are free to invite other people to join this lovely party. You may share this lovely party, and the feeling of happiness and love, development and relief that comes along with it.

Workshops – therapists course

The Aquarian-energy is in many ways different from the Piscean Age energy. This has to be, otherwise nothing can be changed. When you are transforming other people, many previous lives would come across and removed automatically. However it is also the case that topics of previous lives come across which will not be removed automatically. Those blockades need some help. We apply a very simple and effective new technique, fully adapted to the possibilities that exist in the Aquarian Age. Are you interested in helping other people? If you are transformed you can! If you want to transform other people, it is important to know how to do this. We think it is very important that you have the ability to guide the people who you transform. The development of the individuals is in their own hands, but the guidance is your responsibility. It is important to take this guidance seriously. To learn the latest techniques we give trainings to the people who want to apply this as a therapist.

For further information or appointments you can  contact us through the following phone numbers:

Corrie Lugtenberg: 00316-29330986 or 003126-4954401

Cor Roest: 00316-51880803 (Please contact between 6.30 PM and 7.30 PM)





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